6 Best Destinations to Include In Your 2020 Travel List


Are you a travel nomad or you wish to explore the best destination in the world in 2020? Whoever
you are, this world is full of amazing places. To help you fuel up your bucket list, these are the 6 best
travel destinations that have made it to the list by travel experts and influencers:

1: Egypt
I find Egypt to be the most underrated destination in the world
specials. There are so many reasons to visit this amazing country. It harbors history and its
home to a unique culture that you will mostly discover in North Africa.
You would not want to miss out on the Grand Egyptian Museum that will open to the public this
year. It’s going to be the largest archaeological museum in the world. It will be home to a
plethora of never-before-seen ancient Egyptian artifacts. I would suggest taking a cruise to the
Nile River to discover the best things about this country.

2: Brazil
A good thing is if you are from America, you won’t have to worry about getting a visa to visit
Brazil. The Brazilian government has lifted its visa requirements. You just need a valid passport
to visit the country. Love beaches? The country won’t disappoint you. It is home to more than
2000 beaches and almost all are budget-friendly.

Those who visit Brazil must explore the Amazon Rainforest. It’s full of extraordinary natural
wonders. The Amazon River has the best freshwater life. Catch the exclusive pink river dolphins
here. Other must-see locations include Pantanal, Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer and

3: Istanbul, Turkey
Of all the cities in Turkey, Istanbul is the best. Consider it a chance to see the sparkling new
airport too if you have plans of exploring Istanbul. The best hotels include Curio Collection by
Hilton and Hagia Sofia mansions.
Get a taste of the street life by visiting the Grand Bazaar. It has more than 5000 shops that are
spread across 60 streets. Amazing, right? So many traders from different parts of the world
come to this bazaar to shop for exotic items.
Sultan Ahmed Mosque is one of the most famous sites. It is also known by the name blue
mosque. It’s still a mosque where people pray so visitors are expected to follow some rules
when entering. While you are here, don’t forget to eat with the locals. You will be surprised to
see how friendly they are.

best travel destination
best travel destination

4: Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town is a very colorful place. Cultural mix, music, and natural beauty here attract visitors.
To attend one of the traditional fares at the Old Biscuit Mill on the weekend.
Downtown is home to the Green Market Square where you will find world-class African
souvenirs. Long Street is where the best cafes, shops, bars, and restaurants are located. You
will also find some pristine beaches here. Catching waves at these beaches is an experience
you will not forget. Stay at the Cape View Clifton hotel to enjoy the best views of the city.
Plus, it’s extremely easy to visit Cape Town as a family. Minors don’t need to provide a consent
letter or birth certification if they have a valid passport and traveling with parents. Consider it a
hassle-free family trip.

5: Nikko, Japan
Since the 2020 Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Japan is going to receive a lot of attention
from travelers. And of course, there are so many things to do in the city. But there are more
attractions in Nikko than Tokyo.
Nikko is wrapped in historical and natural settings. It is the center of Buddhist Mountain and
Shinto is the holy place of worship for centuries. If you want to explore the spiritual and
ancient places, visit Rinnoji Temple, Toshogu Shrine, and Futarasan Shrine. If you are up for
scenic beauty, then Lake Chuzenji is one not to be missed.

6: Lille, France
Lille is a charming city located on the Northern side. People know it as the hard-working
industrialist city that is also a historical-cultural center. You must have heard about this city
since its reputation is growing. It was also awarded the title of 2020 World Capital of Design.
The best hotel to stay here is Mama Shelter Lille. They host the most incredible brunches. To
explore the art in Lille, I suggest visiting the La Piscine museum. People have started showing
interest in Lille.

Make 2020 an exciting year. If you have traveling plans, make sure you pick one of these best travel


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