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Here I am going to tell you about communism. When it has arisen and how many countries are following. What is its actual meaning and how much effective for normal living people?. What is the concept of Marxism and Leninism and how much impact it has on India? What are the theories of the great thinker Karl Marx and Lenin behind communism?. Everyone countrymen should know about communism.


DEFINITION OF COMMUNISM – Communism is a system which told that any social, economic and political system which aims to establish a communist society where the means of production (eg. mills, factories, mines etc.) are not owned by a single person or not any group and class. This should be under the people of democracy and all people who are working under any group. They will be the equal owner of that group. One thing is most important that communism is not said anything about distribution. Communism is the way to getting equal benefits of the total share which is derived from the labor class.


IN an easy way you can say that this is the profit based economy for public ownership. As a financial model, the need of which is obvious, since both generation and the beneficial automatic assembly should be made to total with the social need, the main thing which can in any case serve is the work time utilized in the creation of products. It is never again the ‘esteem’ yet the computation as far as utilize articles and the occasional work time required for their creation which is the vital type of articulation of a managed comrade economy.

BACKGROUND OF COMMUNISM- World War I was an important event for the socialist movement. Where on the one hand it started the socialist movement and international organization was often reduced to pieces, on the other hand, between the communist revolution in Russia (October-November 1917) and the foundation of the first successful socialist state in the world, There was a deep impact on socialist movements. Before the First World War, the opinion of the socialist parties was that the capitalist system is responsible for the wars and if the world war started.

Every socialist party should have the duty to oppose the war strategy of its capitalist government and to strive to establish socialism through civil war. But as soon as the war broke out, the majority of the remaining parties except for Russia and Italy’s socialist parties supported the policies of their governments. Only a negligible minority of socialists opposed the war, and in the future, some of them became supporters of Vladimir Lenin and his communist international organization. But the conflict between socialist movements of different countries.

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OPINION OF KARL MARX ABOUT COMMUNISM- Karl Marx, a Prussian humanist, rationalist, economist, and writer, is viewed as the father of communism. In a joint effort with Frederick Engels, Marx distributed a few works including the most popular one entitled the “Communist Manifesto” which was distributed in 1848. As per Marx, a genuinely idealistic culture would be accomplished just when a solitary stateless and rude society exists. He even describes three periods of activity to represent such a state.


The main change was expected to lose the current administration and totally destroy the old framework. Second, the absolute ruler needs to come to power and go about the single expert on all issues including the individual issues of people in general. The ruler would be in charge of influencing everybody to take the goals of communism and furthermore guarantee that no property or riches is exclusive. At last, the last stage would be the accomplishment of an idealistic state (in spite of the fact that this stage has never been accomplished) whereby renowned correspondence would be fulfilled and everybody would eagerly and joyfully share their riches and advantages with others in the public.

As marked out by Marx, in a perfect communist society, keeping money would be brought together, the assembly would control instruction and work. All infrastructural offices, farming means, and enterprises would be government-consumed. Private property and legacy rights would be annulled and overwhelming management expenses would be required at all.


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When a large number of the nations of the world were moving towards majority rules system, Russia was as yet a government where the ruler ruled with supreme power. For a considerable length of time, the needy individuals of the nation had extremely brave and were very nearly breaking into next. besides, the World War I had brought about extraordinary financial misfortunes to the nation and its relation. Along these lines, the Ruler who kept on living in the center of the house. huge turned out to be exceptionally rude.

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This pressure and confusion, therefore, trigger the February Revolution on February 1917 when laborers of a shut manufacturing plant and officers in uprising together raised trademarks against the out of line administration. The insurgency spread like out of control fire and constrained the ruler to resign his honored position. An immediately shaped Russian Provisional Government presently succeed the ruler.

Accepting the open door of the confusion winning in Russia, Vladimir Lenin who had been excluded from the nation for bringing forth against ruler plots currently came back to Russia and with the assistance of Leon Trotsky, another Russian progressive who went about as his right-hand man, established the Marxist, a professional Communism party. Since the Provisional Government of Russia kept on supporting the war labor between the World War I, it additionally ended up disliked among the majority and this set off the Marxist Revolution that helped Lenin and his Red Army topple the administration and assume control over the Winter Palace and end Russia’s contribution in the World War.

From that point on, in the zone of 1917 and 1920 Lenin started “war socialism” to authorize his political motivation and renamed the gathering in 1918 as the Russian Communist Party. shocking measures were utilized to set up socialism in Russia that denoted the start of the Russian Civil War (1918 to 1922). At last, the USSR or the Soviet Union was built up that included Russia and 15 neighboring nations.


The Russian Revolution of 1917 hugely affected legislative issues on a worldwide scale for some decades. Nothing approached it in significance – a reality recognizes at the time and which keeps on demonstrating pushing an entire century.

FIRST REVOLUTION OF RUSSIA IN FEBRUARY 1917. (According to the Gregorian/New calendar at 12 march)

There were, obviously, two protests that year. At the point when individuals express on the notable effect, they are almost continually referred to the October Revolution, by this Lenin and the communist caught control in triggered and broadcasted the beginning of another period in human issues. They arrested to convey socialism to the whole world. However, the prior revolution in February was renowned at the time as an occasion of central universal influence in the light. Which brought the destruction of the Romans government. The Russian political framework was generally blamed by the political response in Europe, and Nicholas II was removed as a processor of the people groups in his field. When he resigned in March 1917. There were glad festivals in Russia as well as in Paris and London. Group pushed to welcome the possibility of a majority rules system.

REVOLUTION FOR COMMUNISM IN OCTOBER 1917.(7th of November according. to Gregorian/new calendar).

There had been comparative feeling in 1905 when the destruction of cool applicants outside the Winter Palace was trailed by open shows all through the urban communities of the Russian field. Strikes, simple irritation, and revolution edge on sarcastic down the government, and Nicholas was strained to issue the ‘October Manifesto’, in which he guaranteed to grasp changes for urban opportunities and elective deputy formation. This concession, separated from the afraid war was joined by the crude caution of the progressive association. Before the finish of 1906, Nicholas II had settled his power – yet at a value.  He needed to permit the making of the State Duma (Russia’s initially chosen parliament) and to allow more extensive flexibility of articulation and get together. Also, finished the following couple of years. He aspires to curve back the forces that he had acquired upon the departure of his old man in 1894.


To develop the socialism in Russia.  Co-worker pioneers of the nation investigated every possibility. The implement utilized by Lenin to fulfill his objectives included man-influenced hunger, to slave work camps, and killing of spoilers middle the Red Terror. Hungriness were designed by interesting laborers to pitch their harvests without benefits to Lenin inspire forced to end in edit generation. Slave work camps were spots to ignoring the individuals who couldn’t help denying Lenin’s run the show. Millions died in such camps. Middle the Red Terror, voices of guiltless regular people, White Army POW (detainees of war), and middle sympathizers were quieted by mass killing executed by Lenin’s men.

The Rise Of Stalin And His Great Ambitions.

Following Lenin’s passing in 1924, his successor, Joseph Stalin, took after the approaches set up by Lenin yet, in addition, went above and beyond by guaranteeing the execution of kin communists who did not back him totally. He likewise removed land from laborers that Lenin has offered back to the early prevention by the workers and bigger scale hungriness. He likewise intensely industrialized Russia to support the economy with a definitive objective of spreading socialism to whatever is left of the world.

Stalin’s successors proceeded with the practices set up by him until the fall of the Soviet Union after the Cold War.

The Cold War And The Dissolution Of The First Communist Nation.

After the mass destruction  War II, a time of Cold War began where the US opposed the point of the Soviet Union to spread socialism to the US and whatever remains of the world. The two powerhouses of the world currently occupied with creating retaliatory weapons should the need emerge to battle against each other. The primary atomic weapons contest was in this manner imagined and the feelings of worries of a dangerous World War III posed a potential threat. The Soviet Union and the US likewise busy with the space race. The Cold War likewise brought forth the Korean and the Vietnam War, and other political and economic emergency.

At long last, in the race to archive the matchless quality. The Soviet government’s assets ran out. The tremendous money related spendings in the arms and space race contributed to the Soviet economy changed. Along these lines when Mikhail Gorbachev came to control in 1985. He embraced new standards to revive the Soviet economy and decrease pressures with the US. The Cold War finished. The comrade governments in the side nations of Russia began to flop because of the more tolerant approaches of Mikhail Gorbachev(activist). At last, in 1991, among the administration of Boris Yeltsin, the Soviet Union formally broke separated into Russia and a few sovereign nations.

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Not all socialism is named Marxist-based. The two most important types of non-Marxist Communism are not obeying socialism and Christian socialism. Revolutionary socialism differences from Marxism in that it rejects the requirement for a state communism stage. so a progressive society fastly changes into a comrade society. Christian socialism, then again. This is a judgment that the Jesus’ lessons constrain the follower of Christianity to help socialism as the perfect social framework. Here, the follower doesn’t support the non-religious and doubter perspectives of different communists, however, accept numerous different parts of Marxism.


Today, Russia is never again a Communist state yet an organization semi-presidential republic. He has revealed an unprecedented change to an industrialist fundamental economy. Be that as it may. Communist Party of the Russian Federation exists as the successor of the CPSU. it spreads a reformist and not a dynamic companion thinking.

China is the best and the best Communist state existing today. In any case, Maoism is never again in every practical sense here and however some giant endeavors are controlled by the state, privatization and the foundation of a pass on feature economy is the present precedent found in China. The Communist Party of China, in any case. vivaciously responds to the move of the resistance and stifle out it by and large. He has guaranteed the steady leadership of the get-together in the nation since 1949.

Cuba and Vietnam are additionally entirely single-party comrade states on the planet today. Since the fall of the Soviet Union. The nations have quit accepting sponsorship and funding. Which they used to get from the Soviet Union, and consequently are strategically connecting for help from different countries. The two nations are looking for outside guess and their economies are winding up developing publicize situated.


At last, North Korea is the main nation following the old-Soviet style socialism. The legislature of the nation marked as exceptionally insulting nature. The nation limited from whatever left of the world. North Korea’s Communist administration’s approaches strongly expressed for its discharge for essential human rights and flexibilities.


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Commentators of Communism partitioned into two general classifications the individuals who are against the socialist theory. The standards and the individuals who locate the common sense execution of socialism incomplete in the present-day world.

Numerous have denied the supportable strategies actualized by the socialist pioneers to build up their political and ideological objectives. Mass killings secret of human rights and violations against mankind utilized as tools by comrade despots(taanashahi/Hitlers) to build up socialism. They eagerly condemned by political and social activists over the world.

In this day and age, Soviet-style socialism thought to be for all intents and purposes outdated. The truth will surface eventually where another development will prompt the working of another comrade society on Marxist lines.

This is my deep research on communism. I tried to give all the information about communism in an easy and learning way. I hope this post will be very illuminating for you. It all knows to be good at knowing you and motivates me to write. Don’t forget to share and comment for keep inspiring me to write a such a good blog post.

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