How To Create Anchor Links In WordPress – SeedProd (3)


CMS offers an easy way to create and manage these pages. Unzip the file on your computer in exactly the same way you would normally unzip any other file. To make the process as simple as possible, you should just use your entire WordPress directory as your file base. Your database and files are in place, and you’re ready to install WordPress! Now you’re ready for the third and final stage: running the WordPress installation. And, that’s it-your database is ready! 2. Click on Create Database.

Leave the Database Host and Table Prefix fields as they are (note: if in any doubt, ask your host for what to enter as the Database Host, as this can vary between hosting providers-assuming they haven’t already let you know in a previous email when you initially signed up for their services) and click Submit.

  1. Click Finish and you will now return to the Loop Editor
  2. Assign the Content
  3. In the public_html folder, find and open wp-config.php
  4. Design point of view
  5. 3 View Full Size Flickr Images
  6. And you’re done! Enjoy your new website with Specular Theme 🙂

Choose a password, type it in, and click OK. In the Create Database field, type the name of your database. 1. Give your database a name and type it in the field. Here enter the database name as abc which we created previously. It’s plain sailing from here on in!

It’s just good always to have the correct title and tagline set up. Yours will have other files in there-ignore those. Wait for the files to finish copying. Your FTP client will copy the files to your server. You’ll now have a folder called wordpress with all of the WordPress files in it. The basics of creating and publishing a blog post in WordPress is relatively straightforward.

You should have all this information noted down from when you were creating your database. The templates let you easily include your company’s contact information and location. You’ll need the server address, your username, wordpress optimization ( and the password. You’ll need these later. Now you need to download the latest version of WordPress. Common marketplaces are Theme Forest, CodeCanyon, etc. – DO NOT rely only on what WordPress reports as the latest version in backend.


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