Here’s What No One Tells You About Importance Of Election.


Today I shall discuss about the importance of election.  Every year we hear upcoming elections are being held in one or the other country. Lets us understand what are elections and importance of elections in a country.

An election is an act of choosing someone to be their political leader and represent a government. There is a regional population who selects an individual to represent the voice of people. This mechanism is introduced for free and fair polling. People have the right to elect the person or party whom they find suitable to run their country. They elect these supreme power to work for the betterment of the society and people of the country. Elections are held in different countries in a different manner at a fixed interval of time. The fairest form of an election is held in a democratic society.

Importance of election is a democratic society.

Elections are the backbone of a country. Importance of election in a democratic society cannot be overlooked. It is the most crucial time for a country and citizens of the country. A rightly elected government with free and fair polling will have the support of the nation. In a democratic society, elections hold utmost importance as it is by the people of the people and for the people. Citizen of a country has complete right to choose their representative government. The participation of people is equally crucial in a democratic country as it represents the future of the nation. It is been observed in reference to various examples that a democratic society which has the support of its civilians represents a strong government leading to being developed at a faster pace technologically, economically and financially.

Facts about Elections.

importance of election
importance of election

Importance of election can be observed in every country due to which there are different types of elections being held in a country.

  • *Primary Election: If there are three or more candidates competing with each other and no one receives a majority of the vote for final judgment then second primary elections or runoff election will be held between the two parties who received the highest number of votes. The winner of this runoff election will be the party nominee.
  • *General Election: A voter may split the ticket to select a candidate from all the parties on the ballot. A voter may choose only one candidate per office.
  • *Constitutional Amendment Elections: When there are any constitutional amendments then such type of election are held.

*Special Elections: These elections are held in exceptional situations in which there is any necessity to fill a vacancy that occurs during the term for which the person was elected.

2. In India, there are around 850 million eligible voters which make India the largest democratic country and due to which it takes over the course of weeks or even months.

3. In Canada, There is no one deadline to register to vote. The voters can register themselves on The Election day.

4. Oregon in the United States is the first and only state to use automated voter registration.

5. The first general elections were held on 25th October 1951. The Indian National Congress came into power winning 364 of the 489 seats.

6. In England, The royal queen Elizabeth ll can cast a vote. Reporters state that ” Queen is above politics”.

Role of Election Commission in India

•The growth of democracy is possible when people participate in the elections and other democratic processes of the country.
•Therefore while observing the importance of the election, the constitution had established the election commission of India.
• The first election commission was set in 1950. It is the official body of India to take care of free and fair election in India.
•Election commission work as an independent body free from the party in power.
•It is the responsibility of the election commission to conduct elections in a free and fair manner. It issues a model code of conduct for political parties.
• The Election commission has fixed the legal limit on the amount of money which the candidate can spend during an election campaign.

Importance of Election as a citizen.

importance of election

*Importance of election holds twin benefit which is both for the citizen of the country and political leaders which will enact for their the country.

*Citizen of a country have the right to choose whom they wish to choose as the leader of the country.
*Through campaigns and movements political parties gain the majority of support from masses and understand issues faced by them.
Therefore Importance of election in society represents the direct expression of people in the country. Fair and just elections lead to the satisfaction of majority masses for the betterment of society. The election is part of our democracy. Share this article as much as possible to build a great democracy in the world. Don’t forget to tell what is your opinion about the election. The comments section is waiting for your reply.


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