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Everybody travels by train at some time, when we are in hurry, we get RAC ticket, then we have a lot of confusion that what is rac ticket means in railway. today we will give detailed information about RAC

Know the special facts related to this

When you book a train reserve ticket for a train journey in train and a train ticket is confirmed
It is confirmed. Many times tickets reach waiting category, sometimes RAC
Goes into You wonder what the RAC is all about?

what is rac ticket means in railway.

Through this article, you will know all about RAC and why it called RAC in railway

full form RAC.
Resevation against Cancellation

which means that If anyone cancels their confirmed ticket, then your chances to confirm the ticket against their cancellation and you are given the entire seat.

you can Sleep on that seat Or you have to sit in the same seat. Whether in rac ticket, two passengers on the sleeper seat.
One has to adjust and go. This is always the lower left side seat of the train. Everyone wants to complete his destination easily

IRCTC means :- Indian Railway Catering and Tourism corporation
Booking is the responsibility of customers that they Could book the ticket and cancel it. Customers have their tickets booked or not
You can check by visiting the website. All the details are easily available from there.

Does RAC means confirmed ticket? – Confirmed permission to board the train in Rac
But you have to wait for the list.

RAC status means (RAC status means in Railways)
The IRCTC website technically has a RAC verifying seat. But its
You have to wait for the list to be ready. RAC tickets give you a train compartment
Allows to enter but on the same WL.

The waiting list is allowed to enter in sleeper coach but not have seat. RAC facility is only for Sleeper coach. Where the two passengers sit in the opposite side seat.
rac ticket means

rac means in railway ticket
rac means in railway ticket

What does RAC mean in railway train ticket reservation?

We often travel in different cities or provinces of India and Indian Railways is one such medium in it.
Whose arrangement is the largest and easily available. Indian Railways serves almost all states Connects to each other.

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It is mandatory first to travel in the train available from Indian Railways.
That we reserve the ticket for the journey. After ticket reservation, you will get your ticket status

Ticket booking stages

Comes to know Tickets can be from one of these stages: Confirmed, RAC, Waiting List
.Out of these conditions, people have a lot of confusion about RAC.

What is the meaning of RAC for train ticket reservation?

If a confirmed ticket passenger’s seat is upgraded or canceled at the last minute
So that seat is given to the passenger with RAC ticket. If there is a confirmed ticket in the passenger train before running the train
If he does not catch or cancels his ticket, then that seat is given to the passenger with RAC ticket.

RAC means in train booking is a type of waiting list ticket. Reservation of train to waiting list
Seating in coaches is not allowed, but with RAC tickets you can board the train. RAC arrangement only Travel in RAC Seat

RAC seats are given to two persons.In this, you can travel face to face with someone else in a berth. In this, you are not given a full berth.
Till any seat is found vacant by the TTE that any one passenger may be allotted
Could. This means that unless you have been allotted a full berth by TTE, you will
You cannot travel by sleeping and you will have to sit and swim.

When are quota of RAC berths allocated?

RAC quota is given to passengers in any train only after the total seats are exhausted under the normal booking quota.
Every train has a fixed number of RAC quota in Sleeper, AC 3 tier, AC 2 tier class.

RAC means in railway ticket while booking online or from govt. window

At the time of booking the tickets, even before the ticket chart of the passengers to whom RAC tickets are given Can be confirmed if there is a confirmed ticket cancellation of General Quota. If the train leaves

Even before the ticket status is RAC number, You can do inquiry at station, TTE, or see the charts before boarding the train.

You can know your seat number from the chart pasted on train coach

When you can Cancel RAC ticket? What is the cancellation fee for RAC TICKET?

RAC is a confirmed ticket. If you cancel a Rac E-ticket 30 minutes before the scheduled departure
Can do After that no refund is acceptable. Book and cancel this ticket through internet can be done.

Fee refunds will be applied and credited to the customer’s account after deducting the fee. If you booked from the window (prs center) of the railway then you have collected cash from there.

After preparing the reservation chart, the status of all passengers on which the waiting list is waiting.
In the case of the list, the name of the passenger booked on the PNR should be removed from the reservation chart.

How to refund is initiated.

The fare will be credited to the customer’s account after deducting the refund clerk fee.
If you have a Rac ticket issued online and the reservation chart has been created, you will get the refund
But you Must fill tdr online.

If a family ticket has been issued out of which some members have a confirmed ticket and some members
If there is a Rac ticket, then a full refund is given on the confirmed ticket. But all this railway travel started
It has to be done 30 minutes before it happens.

How can you get refund for cancelling RAC tickets? How do you get a RAC refund? If someone
If he has RAC ticket, he can cancel it till half an hour before the train starts.
But no refund will be available.

  • The confirmed ticket is given to Rac in such cases as
  • If someone cancels his confirmed ticket.
  • If a person remains vacant VIP quota or other seat i.e. no person has booked that seat.
  • The conclusion is that you will only get a seat on the Rac TICKet.

You can get a full seat to sleep only if a passenger cancels his ticket for some reason.

You have to check the reservation list before boarding the train and inquire with TT E about the status of Rac ticket.

How to check pnr status before depatrure to station

You can also check the status of PNR from your phone. Before starting the journey, if you have a ticket reservation against cancellation ie RAC, then first check the provisional to see if the ticket has been confirmed or not.
If confirmed, its coach number and seat number is given.


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